Our Experienced Tour Leaders

With you every step of the way!

Geoff Martin

Our main Tonga guide - he remains in Tonga for the entire season!

Ron Hunter

Our fearless leader, he travelled to Tonga in 2002 and has been back every year since.

Gabby Hunter

She first travelled to Tonga in 2006, and has led 6 groups over there since!

Keith Morrison

PADI Divemaster - he first travelled to Tonga in 2015 and had nothing but praise from his group participants!

Ron Hunter

Ron is our fearless leader - CEO and founder of Whaledive.net and Quest Tours. Ron established his first SCUBA Diving Centre in 1982, and form there expanded his passion for the ocean to international destinations. In 2002, he travelled to Tonga and snorkelled with his first Humpback Whale. Since then, we have escorted hundreds of happy, awestruck travellers to this island paradise to experience the joy of interacting with these incredible mammals.

After taking a break from the tours to Tonga, Ron will return in 2017 with three groups.

He has also planned a tour to Sri Lanka in 2018 to snorkel with resident Blue and Sperm Whales. Read more about this tour here.

Geoff Martin

A technical clothing and gear specialist, Geoff has travelled extensively throughout the world and has taken yachting, diving and trekking expeditions to some of the most incredible destinations the world has to offer.

He has led diving and yachting trips to Lord Howe Island including Middleton and Elizabeth reefs, The Whitsundays, New Caledonia and The Solomon Islands. Over the last ten years Geoff has specialised in leading Trekking expeditions throughout the world. He has led numerous trips to Nepal including the Annapurnas and Everest region, Kenya and Tanzania including Mount Kilimanjaro, New Zealand, Tasmania, South America and the Machu Pichu trail, China’s great wall, The Tibetan Railway and a trek to the Kanshung face of Everest in Tibet.

Geoff’s favourite destinations for trekking are Nepal and Tibet. He enjoys the cultural aspect of those regions and the excitement of trekking below the most amazing mountain on the planet. On most of the trips there is a focus on the cultural aspect of the different countries and experiencing the unique foods of those regions.

Gabby Hunter

Gabby is a PADI Divemaster and Commercial Vessel Master - licenced to operate a vessel up to 12 metres in length. She has grown up in the SCUBA Diving and Watersports industry, after selling her first packet of Bait prawns in the dive centre when she was 6, she then went on to learn to SCUBA Dive at 14 and has been hooked ever since.

She is a qualified Oceanic Service Technician and is an avid underwater photographer. Chances are she will capture an image of you with a Humpback Whale to keep as a cherished memory.

Gabby has led tours to Indonesia, West Papua, France, Italy and, of course, Tonga. She will take three tours to Swim with the Humpback Whales of Vava'u in 2017.